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Our Expertise
  • Web Design

    Zeemo wants you to be recognised by your customers and the envy of your competitors, which is why we are committed to providing cutting-edge web designs that are wholly unique. We don’t believe in templates and guarantee that any website we create will be like no other. With over 10 years experience, we can truthfully say that we come up with solutions that work!

    We understand that the key to a successful online presence is an engaging user experience. There are many factors that can affect the engagement of your website – including the layout, ease of navigation, social validation, presentation of content and accessibility – and we know how to combine them all with detailed planning and smart design.

    We also provide you with the means to make changes to your website and monitor its performance with our custom content management systems (CMS) and Google Analytics. We provide training in both systems, ensuring that you have the know-how to keep your site up to date (and that you don’t have to pay use to do it) and make informed decisions regarding your next move.

  • Web Development

    Zeemo can also handle all the non-design stuff, too. Once the design concepts (in other words, the look and feel) for your website are complete, we have the project over to our development team. They are responsible for a number of behind-the-scenes tasks, including: creating managing domains, factoring in SEO, integrating any existing systems, creating a CMS, programming and security.

    Our web development team can also provide you with a variety of solutions specific to your business, including: web applications and software, world class websites, content management systems (CMS), product management software, customer relationship management systems (CRM), eCommerce and payment gateways, intranets, online surveys, and document management systems.

    It is important to stress that a successful website is about much more than ensuring it looks good – you need to make sure that it is functional, that buttons and forms work as they should, and that everything loads up properly. And, once the website goes live, the expert Zeemo development team is responsible for ensuring that all bugs and kinks are worked out quickly and efficiently.

  • SEO

    When you’re looking for a particular product or service, how do you go about finding it? Chances are your first stop is a search engine, like Google or Bing, and this is exactly how your customers are searching, too. It is now more important than ever to have a successful online presence, which is where search engine optimisation (more commonly known as SEO) comes in.

    Your website and business will receive a number of benefits after making the decision to sign up for an effective SEO campaign with Zeemo, including: a boost in the visibility of your brand and sales, a cost effective means of marketing, targeted traffic, measurable results, a long term marketing solution with a fixed monthly cost, and ongoing advertising of your product or service.

    We don’t offer any guarantees for our SEO work and implore you to be highly wary of any company who does. It is impossible to guarantee a spot on page 1 or improved results within a specific timeframe – it takes time to work your way to the top and offering any sort of guarantee is against Google’s guidelines (the penalties for deceptive practices include loss of ranking and removal).