Web Development

Our expert development team will take the finalised design concepts and turn them into a fully functioning website. This is actually a collaborative effort between many of our departments and the result is an attractive site that is engaging and functioning perfectly.

6 web development services we provide

  1. Content Management Systems
    A content management system (or CMS) provides you with the ability to make changes to your text and images anywhere, anytime. Zeemo provides a custom CMS with every website that we create, ensuring that you don’t have to pay us for every little change. We offer support for all browsers (from Firefox to Internet Explorer) for both PC and Mac, as well as provide on-on-one training.
  2. Customer Relationship Management
    A customer relationship management (CRM) system provides you with the means of managing daily interactions with current and prospective clients. Zeemo can provide you with a custom CRM that can help you to streamline and automate your business – all departments within your corporation (from sales to accounts) will be able to easily store and access information about a single client.
  3. Intranets
    An intranet is an internal website that can only be accessed by employees within your business and is an effective means of storing and sharing information. Zeemo can provide you with an intranet that is capable of storing all kinds of information (including surveys, calendars, event details, HR resources, forums and training modules) in formats that you would find on any other website.
  4. eCommerce and Payment Gateways
    An eCommerce website and accompanying payment gateway is essential for secure online purchasing and booking. Zeemo can provide you with an engaging eCommerce website that can cover shopping, booking forms, order management, marketing promotions (like discounts), measurement and reporting. We also specialise in Magento shopping carts for the most successful shopping experience.
  5. Document Management Systems
    A document management system (DMS) provides you with the means of storing and sharing documents that many people within the business may need to access. Zeemo can provide you with a custom DMS that is both user-friendly and can be accessed by multiple users at once. Documents are stored ‘in the cloud’ so that they can be accessed anywhere, anytime and are updated with every save.
  6. Web Applications and Software
    A number of websites, these days, require web applications and online software in order to provide their visitors with the most engaging user experience possible. Zeemo can provide you with a variety of applications and software, including: webmail, online retail sales, online auctions, wikis, and office software (such as word processors, online spreadsheets and presentation tools).